Ohia Lehua

Posted: Dec 12, 2010

It is said that once there lived two lovers, named Ohia and Lehua. These two had eyes only for each other and would have no one else. One day while walking through the forest, Ohia happened to come upon Madame Pele.  Upon seeing Ohia, Pele became smitten by his handsome good looks, and propositioned him. However, Ohia refused Pele’s advances, stating his everlasting love for Lehua. Pele became furious at his rejection and is said to have killed both Ohia and Lehua in a fit of rage. Eventually though Pele began to feel remorse for what she had done, and tried to right her wrong by turning Ohia’s body into a tree, and Lehua’s body into a beautiful flower, which she placed upon the tree, reuniting the lovers so that they may be together forever. To this day the Ohia-a-lehua tree can be found throughout the islands with its beautiful red Lehua blossoms adorning the Ohia tree.


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By Kaila Kawelo on 2011/11/06

This was incredibly helpful to me! I was looking EVERYWHERE to find a mo’olelo for a plant project that I am doing. Thank you very much!

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