The Cave of Makalei

Posted: Dec 12, 2010

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On the slopes of Hualalai there lays a cave known as the Cave of Makalei. It is said that many years ago a man named Koamokumokuoheeia moved from Kauai to the Big Island of Hawaii with his family and his son, Makalei. Here he began growing crops, but needed water. The kamaaina (locals) told him that the only water available was in caves that unfortunately were kapu (off limits/sacred). One day while helping his father in the garden, Makalei, discovered a cave on their property the supplied more than enough water, even in the dry seasons. Koamokumokuoheeia was so delighted he named the cave He Ano Makalei (consecrated to Makalei). It provided water for the family for many years, until they returned to Kauai. Years later there was a sporting event near the cave. Drawing attention from the kamaaina, the stranger was challenged to find water, under pressure of death. If, however, he was able to find some, he would be granted a beautiful wife. The stranger of course, being none other than Makalei himself, was obviously able to find water in his father’s old cave, and returned to Kauai with a beautiful wife.


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This is an interesting article: The Cave of Makalei

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