The Guided Experience

guide with mossHow well do you know Hawaii? Whether you are planning your first visit to our island home, or you are a curious kamaaina, we hope to deepen your connection to Hawaii Nei—our beloved Hawaii.  Here, in the most isolated island chain on earth, the mysteries and masterpieces of nature surround us. From Pele’s sacred landscape of Kilauea, across Poliahu’s mantle of snow atop Mauna Kea, to Kamapuaa’s towering waterfalls of Kohala’s seacliffs - the natural beauty of Hawaii has the power to inspire.

But Hawaii is more than just another beautiful island. Hawaii is a place where myth and science intersect to reveal meaning and help us understand our world and universe. Hawaii is a place where uniquely adapted plants and animals, like the scarlet- red Iiwi honeycreeper, exist at the brink of extinction. Hawaii is a place where the world’s two largest mountains rise from the sea to create deserts, rainforests, and arctic permafrost. Hawaii is a place where native and introduced plants, animals and people dynamically interact in one of nature’s greatest classrooms. 

Guide with fernThis is the Hawaii we want share with you. Our small group guided nature tours showcase the Islands amazing diversity and natural beauty in an entertaining, responsible and educational manner.  Each tour is carefully crafted to highlight the areas we visit, incorporating the natural and cultural history to create a complete experience.  Hawaii Forest & Trail knows that a great tour begins with a great guide, and has hand-selected a roster of friendly, knowledgeable and capable Interpretive Guides.  Their job is to share with you the natural and cultural wonders of Hawaii, while ensuring your complete comfort and safety.

As part of a complete experience we plan for all contingencies.  Have you ever arrived at a new destination only to find the weather wasn’t what you were expecting?  We carry rain gear and warm wear for everyone, including all of the incidentals you don’t plan for and only realize you need the moment you need them such as sunscreen, hand sanitizer and insect repellent.  Hawaii Forest & Trail has no hidden fees or costs.  Included in your tour rate are access fees, plenty of beverages to drink (including a biodegradable water bottle for you to take home), and depending on the length of the experience, snacks and meals.  By meeting these basic needs we ensure you are completely focused on your adventure and not wondering where your rain jacket is.

Guide with rockHawaii Forest & Trail has been recognized at the local and international level as a leader in sustainable tourism.  We have also received multiple awards for our guided tours and operations.  You can feel good about making the responsible choice when visiting Hawaii, helping ensure its natural areas remain intact for future generations.  Depending on the adventure, you may even have a voluntourism component and help contribute towards the conservation of Hawaii’s natural resources. 

Our Interpretive Guide staff, small group sizes and unparalleled land access means you’ll leave us with a greater understanding and appreciation for the profoundness of the natural and cultural heritage of Hawaii.  Whether you are witnessing the awe-inspiring forces of Kilauea first-hand, or experiencing the magic of standing in a loi, we believe connecting you to the ongoing story of Hawaii is the most important experience we can give you.