Mark Frazer

Mark Frazer

Interpretive Guide

  • Home Town: Kailua, HI (Oahu)
  • Hobbies: Surfing, hiking, most outdoor activities from mauka to makai.
  • Professional Memberships: PADI, Lanikai Makeshift Boating Association.
  • Ask me About: Boat camping from British Columbia to Alaska in a 15 foot open motor boat. Canoe surfing between the Mokulua Islands.
  • Favorite thing about being a Guide: Learning something new everyday and being outside in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • Started Guiding: October 2007
  • Favorite Place on the Big Island: Waipio.
  • Biggest Accomplishment as an Interpretive Guide: Exceeding the expectations of my guests.


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By Gerri and Neil on 2014/07/12

My boyfriend and I did the dry forest/wet forest bird tour with Mark yesterday.  We had birded Oahu and Kauai and we were nearing the end of our time in Hawaii. Neil is a much more intense birder than I am and I was nearing birding exhaustion.  I was a bit nervous about the length of the tour, but it ended up being one of our top birding experiences in Hawaii.  This was all thanks to Mark.  He was energetic, knowledgeable, kind, hospitable, and clearly passionate about Hawaiian birds and nature.  Best of all, he gave us our first and only views of Palila, Akiapola’au, and ‘I’iwi!!  We got great views of Hawaiian Owl and Hawaiian Hawk as well.  We would highly recommend a tour with Mark! We had an amazing experience.  Thanks again Mark!

By Dennis & Linny Stovall on 2014/02/05

Mark is a gem. We don’t think it would have mattered which tour we’d taken with him as our guide; it would have been exceptional. We were among those he shepherded on a rainforest birding tour in Hakalau Forest, but he did far more than point out birds and keep us moving or try to entertain us—he engaged us as participants with his stunning generalist’s understanding of flora, fauna, geography, geology, cultural history and their interrelationships. He’s intelligent and perceptive, secure in his knowledge and just as secure answering that he doesn’t know something when he doesn’t. He has the knack of a fine teacher in the way he makes new experiences and information personal to others. Can’t beat that. Thanks, Mark. And thank you Hawaii Forest & Trail for such high standards.

By Chris Colvin on 2014/01/02

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By Tania Ruscoe on 2013/11/10

Gosh Mark is great! We did the Volcano tour back in March 2013, this tour and Mark’s company on the day were the highlight of our trip to Hawaii. We just love the Big Island and cant wait to return.
Tania and David - Melbourne, Australia

By Fred on 2013/04/23

Based on my experience, I usually dont have high expectations with tour company. I thought Hawaii Forest and Trail was one of those taking guests to different shops. Luckily, it wasn’t.
I did the twilight volcano tour with Mark on April 21st. Mark was very professional as a tour guide. He was highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his job. He gave us a lot detailed information about the island and the volcano.
Though the weather was not perfect,(foggy and rainy) we did see most things in the park. The sea arch spot(sorry, I forgot the exact name of the place) and the glow from the volcano in the dark were incredible. I was amazed by the power of the nature. The driving on Saddle Rd. was interesting also. We saw Mauna Kea along the road, and the changing of landscapes was amazing.
The meals were delicious, esp. the dinner. The company used Mercedes van as tour bus, and it was comfortable, clean and spacious(I was sitting on the copilot seat.)

The tour was almost perfect except: I saw the website listed couple pick-up places, so I booked the hotel close to the pick-up location(I don’t drive). They didn’t told me they would actually pick me up from the hotel until they called me the day before the trip. I would stay at a different hotel if I knew that earlier. But it’s totally OK.
I saw lots hiking trails in the park, and I like hiking. It would be nice if they have a hiking tour.

I would recommend this tour to everyone, and I will definitely come back next time.

By Nihad and Ken McBride on 2013/01/04

We took the twilight volcano tour on Christmas Eve 2012, and had a terrific day and evening. Our excellent tour guide, Mark Frazer, was highly knowledgeable and passionate about the Big Island, and extremely conscientious and amicable in taking care of all of us. As an unexpected bonus, Mark took one of the best photos we have from the whole trip, of the two of us among the ferns in the rain forest. Truly an outstanding outing and one we will remember for a long time. We highly recommend Hawaii Forest & Trail for your volcano tour. Mahalo Mark!

By Neil Heasman on 2012/11/26

We went on the Twilight Volcano Tour with Mark. Right from the start we felt at ease with Mark sharing his knowledge and obvious passion for Big Island with us. A highlight was being able to walk on the lava flow, which was something we have been unable to do on other volcanic islands.  Mark took us to a great viewing point to see the crater after dark. Taking the tour early after our arrival has given us so many useful insights on places to visit on our own. Mark gave us an appreciation of the island for which we are really thankful.

By Cathy Taylor on 2012/10/11

We had traveled around the Big Island for about 8 days before taking the Twilight Volcano Tour.  We had spent three days in the Volcano area but it was not until we touk our tour with Mark that I gained a true understanding and appreciation for what I was experiencing.  He obviously loves his home and is eager to share his passion for it.  He brought so much perspective to all the areas we visited.  He was also knowledgable in the native lore (which is the interesting part of any explanation of the way things work). Anyway, long story short, Mark was amazing and kind with a genuine sense of humor.

By Kirsten and Mike on 2012/02/21

We recently took the twilight volcano tour with your amazing guide Mark and wanted to tell you what a great time we had. Mark was incredibly knowledgable and had answers to any question people in our group had, which really was quite a range! He took the time to remember everyone’s names and really interacted with everyone in a sincere and amicable way. Especially considering the variety of ages we had in our group, Mark made us all feel welcome and well listened to. Thank you very much, Mark for making our excursion up to the volcano such a special one.

By James Maier + Laura Maier on 2012/02/17

Mark Frazer was our guide on the fantastic waterfall hike up near Kohala last month.
Extremely personable, very well-informed and a great guy, we would love to take a tour with Mark again! The beautiful scenery combined with Mark’s enthusiasm and knowledge made the waterfall hike a special event that will live in our memory as a high point for many years to come.
Mahalo plenty to Mark and Hawaii Forest And Trail, we’ll be back!

By Rasma Bertz on 2012/02/07

The twilight tour was made memorable by two things; watching lava glow while the full moon rose over the group, and Mark, our tour guide. He is a genuine, respectful and knowledgable guide with a great sense for people and storytelling. I really appreciated everything about my tour - the food, the company and the sights. Mahalo! And Mark…next time our paths cross, you can tell me about your trip between BC and Alaska - or better yet come visit and relive it! wink

By Igsa Guerrero-DeBat (with Erik DeBat) on 2012/02/02

Our first tour in August of 2009, a 3 mile hike through Waipio Valley exceeded my expectations due to the enthusiasm and knowledge of our guide Mark. 

Much to our surprise and good fortune the tour through the water falls on 01/29/2012 was also guided by Mark.  Though I was not feeling well due to some Mai Tai’s the night prior. Mark made sure that I was doing well throughout the tour. 

Thank you for a great tour! 

By Hood & Carol Hampton on 2011/11/05

We participated in the Volcano Tour on October 31, 2011.  Mark was a delight and a very knowledgable and personable tour guide.  He MADE the tour!  His passion for the island, nature, the volcano, and his tour guests was contagious.  He took the time at the beginning of the tour to get to know all of us and allow us the opportunity to get to know the other tour guests.  He was genuinely interested in our interests and hobbies.  This made for a “kinship” spirit during the tour and we actually exchanged business cards with some of our fellow tourists.  Mark was respectful of the Hawaiian polytheistic religion, Hawaiians, nature and his participants.  He is an honorable human being and a great tour
guide.  He exceeded our expectations and Hawaii Forest & Trail is fortunate to have him as a guide.

By Tamara McNeill on 2011/01/22

I recently took this tour with my best friend and we had the best time. Mark, our tour guide, was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and very respectful of the area. He encouraged us to get to know our fellow hikers and to help each other out on the trail. That made it more intimate and fun. It was truly a great bonding experience. I also appreciated that Mark told us the history of the trail and how he’s worked to maintain it during his time off. This is a company that cares and that you can trust to do right by the region. I highly recommend this tour. Ask for Mark—he’s the best! Mahalo.

By Laurissa Newton on 2011/01/22

My tour was jan 18th 2011 and it was amazing! It is seriously all I can talk about since I came home. I think a lot of the reason it was amazing was because of our Tour guide Mark.

It was such a delight to see someone so passionate about the History and nature of Hawaii.

I am possibly moving to Hawaii so I am excited to learn more about the Big Island and all it’s adventures. smile

thank you so much Mark. YOU ROCK!

By Gilbert Kim on 2010/12/07

Just wanted to make you aware of how much my wife and I enjoyed your tour and the tour guide, Mark Frazer.  Not only was he fully informed about the island and its history but more importantly, he is a very nice and genuine person.  He is definately an asset to your organization and we will definately ask for him when we return!!  We took the tour on november 9, 2010.  Mahalo for all, we appreciate all that you do.

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