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Satellites galore

et another fun-filled trip to the summit of Mauna Kea last night. We had the best weather I’ve seen in a couple of weeks. Beautiful views on the way up from saddle road looking back at sun rays falling through the clouds over Pu’u Wa’awa’a, Mauna Loa was spectacular with it’s dusting of snow at it’s peak, and puffy clouds ringing Mauna Kea like a haku lei.
Weather at the summit was very clear and Venus was brilliant just after sunset.
The big suprise came at the VIS. Even with a bright sliver of Moon, my guests found, what is for me a new record of 17 satellites!! They were like bloodhounds searching the heavens for the slightest movement. They were relentless. It was great.
Just being under the stars for me is always a thrill, but last night I was lucky enough to be with a group who felt the same way. Oooing and aweing at natures wonder. This is why I do what I do. Being witness to the connection of man and nature. That’s a treat.

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